Question Overclocking an i5 4670k and RAM.


Jun 12, 2020
Hello everyone!

So i was overclocked an i5 4670k (as you can see on pictures here: View:
, View:
As you can see on pictures i was overclocked it to 4.1GHz @ 1,264 VCore. Below that voltage it doesnt stable and when i tired to overclock it higher, it often bluescreen after some time (even higher voltage). My question is that is the problem of silicon that i have very bad sample or it bluescreens because the old termalcompound in the CPU? Is that even possible to overclock it higher?

Anyway i was also overclock a little my RAM ( View:
) i can go higher with that RAM? of course i know that its 2 different sticks of RAM and its not healthy for RAM.
I was overclock it to 1866MHz @ 1.53V (Its pretty stable anyway, I was used it for month or 2)

Here`s the specification:

Intel Core i5 4670K @ 4.1GHz
MSI Z87-G43 Gaming
G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x4GB 1600MHz CL9 + HyperX Fury 2x4GB 1866MHz CL10
I would take out the mish mash of RAM and then overclock the cpu. You may find the system more stable. I had a 4670k and remember it OC’d up to 4.3GHz, this always seemed below average from what I found online that others achieved.


Jun 12, 2020
My recollection overclocking old gen processors like yours is that you need to leave ram at stock speeds.
There are just too much interaction to try both.
Yes of course, but can you give me some tips or something that i can OC it better? i can also disable my OC RAM for some while.


Mar 2, 2023
I'm overclocking my 4670K at 4.3GHz on 1.250V and it's perfectly stable. I can reach 4.5GHz on 1.300V, but I prefer to keep the voltage down to reduce the effects of electro-migration.

You may be less fortunate with your CPU and the Silicon Lottery. I'm running 4 x 4GB DIMMs at 1600MHz.


Nov 11, 2021
use prime95 to check where the problem come from. overclock each core multilier and check to find unstable core. also try overclock ring bus, nb frequency, fclk. sometimes because cpu is too fast and system can't maintain it stable, or downgrade bios to overclock. intel may intervene to circumvent overclocking on low end like i5 with latest microcode
suggest: command rate 1 is faster
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