Question Overclocking an non k i5 7400

Sep 19, 2019

Im only playing Cs Go on my pc.

I5 7400
Msi Gtx 1050 ti
Msi z270 Gaming pro Carbon
2x8gb RAM 3200mhz
400 watt be quiet Netzteil

So when I build my pc I was messing up my configuration in terms of cpu power
So shortly i want to boost my cpu to get higher fps
First of all i wanted good buy an New i5 8th or 9th Generation But unfortenate they it doesn’t fit on my mainbaord and I payed enough for my mainbaord to keep it. I’m not willing to buy a new motherboard

So in December I will buy the i5 6600k or the i7 7700k

But at the moment I am sitting on my i5 7400
Is there any way to overclock my i5 7400
So my boost clock is 3300mhz and I wanted to boost it to 4,2 or more

Is it even possible ?