Overclocking asus m4a785td-v evo with amd phenom II x2


Jan 26, 2010
Hello Anyone have an easy link to show how to Overclock the above motherboard with the AMD Phenom IIx2 550 Black edition CPU, I'm running Windonws 7 64bit. Very new to overclocking and would really appreciate the help. Thanks


May 6, 2009
drop ht link down to x6, change ram divider to underclock it as much as possible, start raising multiplyer till unstable, when unstable add voltage in small amounts till stable, then repeat with multiplier. go until no amount of voltage will make it stable and back it down one multiplier.eve nwith a good air cooler don't go past 1.5 volts! then you get to do the same with ram. raise divider and add small voltage increase. anything better than stock speeds are good. i generally don't go past .3 of a volt over stock on ram.then try ht link increase one at a time. this is the simple, ghetto version of the correct way but its working for me. all stress tests after changes are with prime 95, will do 2 or 4 cores if you unlock your other cores.