Overclocking cause pc to reset and default speed


Feb 10, 2009
Hi All

I got a XFX GTX 294 card yesterday and your forum told me the reason my bench on 3D Mark Vantage is so low because of my cpu to small and I have to tweak my cpu to atleast 3Gz

My Specs:
GA-965P-DS4 v1 (Gigabyte) PCI x 16 expresss)
Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz
2 x 2 DDR II 800mhz Transcend ram(Dual Line)
XFX GTX 295 PCI 2.0
4 x Seagate 250 SATS II 32mb Raid o 9(onboard raid)
Vista 64 SP1
186.18 nvidia drivers.

Bios Overclock: vF11
CPU Clk: x9
Frq: 333
Multiplier :2.5
Volttage: 1.275
(Multiplier does not have 2.4) so I used FRQ 320 to get Memory Frq to 800
PC works first time and on rebooot goes back to default. I even removed and replaced ram still the same.

Bios Overclock: vF11 (2nd attempt)
CPU Clk: x 8
Frq: 400
Multiplier: 2

Just keeps rebooting and defaults again.

I really slipped up and dont have money to get another board and cpu and ram. Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you


You will have to make many attempts, with slight changes, in order to find good overclock settings. Read the excellent overclocking guides among the forum stickies.


The ds4 rev 1 Mobo is a tricky one to overclock, ive got a rev 3.3 which is still a little picky..

The key here is small steps at a time till you find the correct clock speed. You are right with the ram timings, make sure you keep those sticks at or under 800mhz as i diont think they will go far beyond their speed ratings.

a few things to look out for on the Gigabyte 965 ds boards.

1) Advanced Options-
CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) set disabled-
CPU EIST - disabled -
CPU Thermal Monitor 2(TN2) - disabled. Be careful with this last one, you need to be very very sure of your safe temperatures as this allows clock throttlingof CPU if it gets to hot!, I have found that with it enabled i cannot go over 3.2ghz, even when my temps are good to go (48/48 100% load) Monitor your temps with HWmonitor

2) M.B Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T) -

Robust Graphics Booster - Set Auto

CPU Clock - Set to (9x) q6600 max multiplier

PCI Express Frequency (Mhz) Set to 100, this locks the PCI express to 100mhz, auto will overclock the Pci Express and cause reboot straigt away (Probably the main cause of your issue)

If your board has C.I.A.2 set it to Disabled

Set your memory to run at 2.0 as I dont think your ram will run at 2.5 (833mhz), once youve found a successfull CPU clock then you can play with the memory to see if it will go up a notch. 2.0 sets it to 667 unfortunately, but if its stable good!

DDR2 Voltage - Normal- you can increase later on to see if memory will run at 2.5 divider (833Mhz) once stable OC is found on CPU

PCI-E overvolt - Normal - we are not overclocking PCI as locked to 100

FSB Overvolt - Normal - Board will do 1333fsb as standard voltage, when we start cranking beyond 1333 we will be giving it more juice.

(G)MHC OverVoltage - Normal- Best to leave this one alone unless you know a lot about your processor normal should do fine.

CPU Voltage - Safe limit via intels site is 1.45v for 65nm chips, you will be looking for a clock speed of 2997 mhz (9X333FSB=2997Mhz or 3Ghz) which is 600mhz OC so at least here we will need juice, the amount is determined by factors such as chip steppings and MOBO power supply and others, so playing with it is the only way to find out the correct setting, but a bit of googling has shown most people will get 3Ghz at around 1.3v.

You will need to start slowly, increasing the fsb by 10 each attempt and increasing the voltage by .0625 (or one step) at each change, start with 1.3v and find stable FSB at this then go up each time one notch to a max of 1.45 (Safe intel voltage.)

You should now get to 3.0ghz and maybe beyond!

LASTLY, Lets talk cooling,

Are you running the stock cooler, adn what case are you using, has it got good airflow, we need to keep that chip cool, Download HWmonitor (CpuZ and Hwmonitor http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php for CPUz http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php for Hwmonitor)

Check your temps at stock, and each tme you increse clock speeds, you are looking to not go beyond mid 60's on all cores at 100% (Use Prime95 to get full load http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=103) load to ensure stable overclock (and there will be people who say that mid 60's on all cores is too high) if you are running stock cooling now is the time to think of buying a bettr aftermarket cooler.

well best of luck and be sure to let us know how it goes


Feb 10, 2009
Moricon, thank you. I will do this now and let you know the outcome. Tomshardware and you have been nothing but amazing!!! There is hope for me afterall~
Will keep you posted!!

Thank you!!!


Feb 10, 2009
Hi Moricon

Started my trial run, and pc running at 2997Ghz stabel temp 40
memory at 667 and voltage at 1.3v
But sad news it made no difference to 3d Mark score. My GPU is still way under the rest. I compare my GPU score to exact GTX295 EVGA and I am 10000 short.
My score x10100 the other guy on Futuremark X23000.
What should I tweak next to push up the pc performance? (That is in the bios) Card is already maxed out~

Thank you again!


Not a bad overclock, I bet your PC will feel a lot more responsive at 3Ghz, Futuremark though does continue to fustrate, are you using vantage or 3dmark06, and id it just gpu score or combined score, i know Vantage has GPU and CPU results and combined, if it is just GPU resutlt, then something is fishy as it is +- double your GPU score, ...

Sounds like the SLI config is not working and it is only using one of the GPU cores of the GTX295 to run the benckmark..

Just to check, what Nvidia Drivers have you got installed and have you enabled SLI in them, It could be a driver issue here!

Now that you have a stable 3Ghz you can continue to ramp up the FSB, try giving the chip 1.35v and increasing the FSB in steps of 10 (go 340/350/360 ect..)

Run Prime 95 each time to check stability (At least 20 mins) whilst checking the temps , remember to keep the ram on or under 800mhz using the memory divider.

At this point you may get to 3.3Ghz/3.4Ghz without having to go into mega heat generating voltage (1.4v and above),

You may need to give the NB voltage a tweak, try +0.10v increase first, then go for another +0.10v if not successfull.

The key here is small steps untill you find the ceiling of the chip.....

1) Go to max 1.45v for CPU (Best Performance/Power used and heat generated gain will be around 1.35-1.4v, after that going higher in voltage will result in far4 smaller clock speed gains)

2) Start juicing you NB as it will need a small voltage tweak, especially if your chip will be happy to get to FSB400, ( thats a FSB of 1600 and a clock speed on your CPU of 9x400=3600Mhz)

3) Check drivers for Graphics card and that SLI on card is auctually working, try running another kind of benchmark such as the crysis benchmark or far Cry Benchmark and comparing results to others, also look at Toms for reviews on GTX295 and see what kind of framerates they get on games you have, they may have better CPU ion test rig, but it wont equate to half the performane that will be there if the card is only running one GPU instead of two (SLI Not working or driver issue)

4) Dont forget to check the temperatures all the time untill you have found the ceiling of your setup, 65-70 at 100% load after at least 20 mins is really the hottest you want the system to go, most applications games included will not produce the stress on the CPU like Prime 95 will..

Best of luck on the next steps, let me know how its going

Mikw :)


Feb 10, 2009
Ciao Moricon

I have been indeed busy. I got alot of information back here goes:

1. It is 3d Mark Vantage 1.0.1 on Extreme Preset 1900x1200 combinded score x10299 / GPU 10000 CPU 36366 (other guy with Core I7 gets X23000 GPU 28266 / cpu 31687

2. I tested Crysis normal benchmark. The Benchmark guys got avg of 40fps and i got 32fps~

3. The driver is the latest version from NVidia (alot of people with the bench still use the default driver. I have version 186.18

4. My pc is alot faster and more responsive since I overclocked it. The pc works 100% temps are well below danger but soon as I cold start the pc resets and goes back to normal. I have gone through half the vol for the cpu from 1.27 to 1.37 and still nothing. Will keep trying.

5. I have FSB @ 356 multiplier at 2 memory at 762. and PCI at 100mhz fixed (not auto). All the settings you said are off in the bios.

Is there any way I can confirm the 2 GPU are working? I know my pc specs are low but I am still sceptical as you said you feel that the 2 GPU are not all working?

Thanks Moricon, I will keep tweaking until I find the sweet spot...hopefully~ Thank for following up!

Milianart~ :D