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This page represents a consolidated listing of Overclocking, Cooling and Water Cooling stickies, FAQs and other important threads. Please use the resources listed here as a start for your questions and research before posting topics in the forums. All content linked below has actively been a part of countless threads and the data provided within is a representation of knowledge for anyone searching for information on the included subject matter.


Water Cooling Sticky & FAQ

Watercooling TDP & Radiator Estimation Worksheet

Air Cooling vs Water Cooling : Things You Need To Know

Thermal Paste Round-up: 85 Products Tested - 2017

Lapping and Heatsink Guides

Intel Temperature Guide


CPU overclocking guide and tutorial for beginners

Overclocking & Benchmarking Guides

Overclocking CPU Memory Controller - Effect on Raised Multiplier CPU Overclock

Reaching CPU Overclocking Stability


AMD Overclocking Club

Intel Overclocking Club

TEC/Peltier CPU Chilled Water Cooling

General Discussion Thread

Water Cooling Club and Gallery

Build Logs

Brand Discussion threads

Watercooling Lab

rubix_1011 Watercooling Lab

Corsair H110i GTX Performance Testing & Review

EKWB Predator 240 Performance Testing & Review

Swiftech H220 X2 Performance Testing & Review
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