Overclocking CPU help


Jul 4, 2008
Hey, i wanted to overclock my cpu because it was bottlenecking my graphics card. People told me i could

easily take my processor to 3.0 ghz. Just one problem, they didnt tell me how. So i look on this website for

some guides but i am really confused. Theirs things like p35 and g33 and all this other stuff. What does all

of that mean and which one of those is mine? Also, i was wondering if it is safe and easy to use a program

called EasyTune5?

P.S~~if anyone noes any GOOD guides to overclocking your cpu pleaes post them

thank you :D :D :D


rid - you've already got another thread on this subject. Please stick to one thread per subject. Let's put any other comments on his other thread and shut this one down.