Overclocking CPU Voltage (with Asrock-Tuning)


Jun 19, 2016

I got the i5 6600k cpu and need some help with overclocking. I know I can do it in the BIOS but it would be nice if I could use this program so I dont have to restart my pc when I want to overclock.
Since I cant find good OC guides and I want to be sure I am not doing something terrible I got a couple questions.

- If I slide the CPU ratio to x46.0 this means its 4,6 ghz?
- I need to add more voltage to the Vcore but whats the i5 6600k base Vcore voltage? Because I can only add voltage not just type the amount of voltage I want. In youtube videos they start with around 1.4 voltage and just test the settings/benchmark.

Asrock A tuning: https://imgur.com/a/r4ymbAT

Thanks :)
You need to really take your time and understand overclocking. For most 1.35v is the maximum and I certainly never go above 1.35v but as a hard limit 1.4v though I never go there....as to what is the base voltage is around 1.2v... most can get a safe 4.6GHz at 1.3v to 1.325v. For a 24/7 overclock 1.28v should get you 4.5GHz...

But as mentioned, you really need to better understand overclocking and each CPU can be different, with some needing less vcore for a high overclock and others needed too much vcore....Things like LLC which is load line calibration can be needed for a stable overclock to stop a voltage droop.

As an example and for testing you can start at say 4.4GHz at 1.3v and then start dropping the voltage in very small increments until it crashes where you will find your lowest vocre for the 4.4GHz overclock...Then you can work upwards to 4.5GHz and apply a small voltage to get that stable.From there you can go higher but I would limit your vcore to 1.35v


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