overclocking ddr2 800 ram, how do you do it?


Oct 6, 2007
first of all, i was thinking about buying either 4x2 ddr2 800 ram or 4x1 ddr2 800 ram, next i was thinking about overclocking it, what can good ddr2 800 ram be overclocked to, and whats some good ram to do this with, next i really never overclocked before, so if anyone could give me some tips on how to do this it would be appreciated, thanks for the help


On intel chipsets, you change the cpu/ram ratio to something that results in a higher ram clock speed. i.e. 1:2 ratio means fsb x 2 = ram mhz.

On nvidia chipsets, you can unlink/unsych cpu & ram & o/c the only ram. Just enter the exact target speed. i.e. 801mhz.

List your specs.


Oct 11, 2007
akhilles is correct.

When you boot up, you enter the BIOS (i.e. press delete to enter bios), and you make changes to either the speed directly (nVidia chipsets), or the ratio of the FSB to RAM speed (Intel Chipsets).

There are no standards for how BIOSes work, so you just have to poke around in the settings until you have the correct ones. You can also try reading your mobo manual. They bother to print it for a reason (not the least of which is so that you can find out how to reset your BIOS if you screw up!).


Nov 26, 2007
Hey, sorry to hijack this almost, but i have 6400 800mhz ram, and when I look in CPUID it says its only running at 400mhz.

I just recently installed a new motherboard, fresh install etc so I was wondering whether its a bios setting

Athlon 64x2 4600(socket am2, 2.4gz, l2 cache
asus Msn-mx se motherboard
1Gb Ram (soon to be 2gb when this 2nd piece comes Duel channel yay)
240 gb hd
Radeon 1950x Gt

On a seperate note my 3d mark score is like 5k (this is bad for my system yes?)
Although I will post this in the graphics section, thanks for any help in advance (if any one fancies helping me out over msn Id love that just gimme a msn and il pass you my email [assumes I cant enter email])


The "DDR" in DDR@ means "Double Data Rate". 400 x 2 = 800. Therefore your memory is running at the proper speed. Also, for future reference: If you feel your post has to contain an apology for Hijacking, please start a new thread, instead.

For the OP: It varies depending on the chipset and Bios. We'd need your HW config before making anything more than a very general guide, which akhilles has already done.