Overclocking Different RAM sticks


Jan 22, 2007
Over the last few years, i've upgraded my original PC to a s939 Athlon 3700+. The one thing I haven't changed yet is the RAM, as I'm hoping to move shortly to AM2, and just get DDR2 then. In CPU-Z, one RAM stick is 133mhz and the other is 166mhz, but they're both running at 100 mhz. My question is this:

1. Is there any way to get them to run at their full speed
2. Could i overclock them, possibly up to 133mhz, it being the lowest common denominator.

I've got a decent knowledge of hardware, but know very little about overclocking. Thanks in advance.


1. Yes, normally you would just set the desired memory speed manually in the BIOS.
2. Since they're both rated at at least 133MHz, you're not OCing them, don't worry.