overclocking dilemma...pls help


Apr 17, 2008
Hi fellas, I’m really need advise here. Hope you guys can reallly help me out! Ok, I’m a newbie when it comes to overclocking and I’ve read a lot of guides about overclocking but when I experiment on overclocking on my rig but I hit a wall right away. Here is my senarios:

Firstly, every guides recommends to lower the memory speed to the lowest possible and maintain a FSB ratio with memory speed in 1:1 ration. But the problem is that my processor is E6600 and I got a ram with 800Mhz, hence in order to fulfill the above requirements, my ram speed gotta be 533Mhz coz my FSB is 266 and in order to maintain a 1:1 ratio with my ram speed, therefore my ddr2-ram is 533Mhz. however, my ram cannot be downclock to 533Mhz. my ram can reach the lowest speed possible is 667Mhz, so I started off with a FSB of 266.5 while my ram speed is 667Mhz. my question is, since I broke the 1:1 ratio rule will this affect my overclocking potential, system stability and performance?

Secondly, I finally managed to hit a FSB of 389 with a ram speed of 438Mhz, still cannot obey the 1:1 ratio, so will this affect the system stability and performance? I ran prime95 test for like hours and it is steady.

Lastly, well this is just a thought of mine, I don’t understand why people buy high speed ram as most of the time the rig is usually limited by the FSB. For example, let’s say I bought a ddr2-1066 ram and a processor with 266.5 FSB, so in order to obey the 1:1 ratio, the FSB gotta be overclock to 533 FSB. I mean is tat even possible? Also the ram hasn’t been overclocked yet, I mean if I overclock that ram, the FSB gotta be higher than 533FSB that would just burden the CPU! So you guys get my point right? Why do people buy high speed ram?

FYI, my mobo is asus p5n-e sli. Thanks for reading you guys! Have a nice day!

p/s: when I read an article at anandtech http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3283 the review says that ddr3 actually utilize a 1:2 ratio, that is the memory run twice as fast as the FSB. Is this true for all ddr3 based mobo or just that particular mobo?


Feb 10, 2008
Maybe someone else who knows more about that 1:1 ratio thing can explain that one to you....

but IMO....forget about that ratio thing and just OC away. Just get to a OC where you like...then work on OC'ing your ram.

thats what i always do and then make sure it passes prime95 small ftts 8 hrs and blend 16 hrs & make sure your temps stay under 70c.

I have that mobo w/ E6750 OC'ed 3.6Ghz w/ Ram @ 9xx Mhz 5-5-5-15 or I can unsync leave it at 800 mhz and use tight timings 4-4-4-12.

One way or the other.....I've not noticed any differences. It still runs stable, fast and perfectly healthy w/ 55c max temps for 24/7 use.
If you have a processor running at 266*4 FSB, you should start out by running the memory at 266*2, 1:1 ratio. You can make the memory run at a higher speed than the processor. For example your processor is running at 266*4, your memory can run at 333*2. Having higher speed memory also allows you to tighten up the timings.
When you overclock you should test your work by running Prime95 and make sure there are no errors for at least 4 hours.

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