Question Overclocking Display causing GPU MemClock to run 100% no matter the workload

Jun 10, 2019
Hey everyone, got a good one for you tonight.

First, specs are in my signature and here's GPUZ validation aswell.
Second, I'm pretty sure I know why its happening (in a sense) but I can't figure out how to stop it and keep my OC.
Third, has anyone seen this before?!?!?

So, I decided to overclocked my AsusVS208 to give me an active signal resolution of 1920x1080 from 1600x900 with a refresh rate of 70Hz from 60(59)Hz. I'm planning on upgrading to something like this sometime soon. Which will give me 120hz with my HDMI setup. But for now, I'm over 60Hz and don't wanna go back. 😎

But as soon as I made this change, I noticed my memclock is running at full speed, 2275, all the time. It's not a super terrible problem I suppose, but it has my GPU running 12-16c higher while idling. And eventually running at full load constantly is goona do some damage, right? I've tried looking everywhere as to how to fix it and keep my display OC, but seems as no one has ever really ran into the problem.

Is the only fix for this, to revert back to 60hz? And maybe even have to drop the resolution back down? I would like to keep the display where its at but I can't really think of anything that could solve the problem as overclocking the monitor was the cause.

I'm really stumped here and was super excited earlier when I found out display overclocking was even a thing so hopefully we can figure it out.

Thanks for any input guys!!
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