Question Overclocking Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR5 DRAM 7200MHz C34 - 7600MHz , any suggestions please ?

Mar 6, 2023
Hi, I'm fairly new to overclocking RAM, I got Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 DRAM 7200MHz C34, on an ASUS Z790 ROG Maximus Hero with an i9-13900KS.

Tested it with MEMTEST86 on BIOS defaults and passed with zero errors. Then enabled XMPII and re-ran MEMTEST86 and passed again with zero errors.

I'd like to now OC it to around 7600MHz, any suggestions please, what numbers should I be changing, what voltage, etc. ?

Did anyone have a successful experience reaching 7600MHz on this RAM? If yes, would you please share your inputs for timings / voltage?


I would be pretty satisfied with 7200 working out of the box.

They've already taken 1.1 volt ram and run it at 1.45 volts, not sure I would want to go any further. This is already beyond the 1.35 volt maximum specified for Raptor Lake.

If you want to push it then maybe 1.5 volts, but this should not be a daily use voltage. Likely to see premature CPU or memory failure.

As for the timings, generally you go looser (larger) with higher speeds. But nothing says it can't run faster with the stock timings, all luck of the draw to a certain point. You will just have to mess with it and see if you can get it stable at a faster speed (and actually measure the performance results to see if it is better)