Overclocking E6850 on striker II formula


Jul 17, 2008
I need some help I've made it to 3.82Ghz with these settings

o'clocking E6850 on striker II formula

memory - unlinked
Internal Thermal Control - Disabled
Lim CPUID Max Value - Disabled
Enhanced C1 - Disabled
CPU C State - Disabled
Execute Disable Bit - Disabled
Virtualisation Technology -Disabled
CPU Multiplier - 9.0
Enhanced Speedstep - Disabled
LDT Frequency - 5x

trrd - auto
trc - 22
twr - auto
twtr - auto
tref - auto
trd - autotrfc - 54

CPU Volt - 1.425 for a start /1.432 got me to 3.82 Ghz
CPU PLL -1.60-1.66-1.68
Mem V - 2.20
NB V - 1.52
SB V - 1.60
1.2v HT V - 1.40 -1.45
Bridge - auto

DDR cont - Auto
DDR Chan A - ref
DDR Chan B - ref

CPU GTL Ref - +30mV
NB GTL Ref - +30mV
Cpu Level up - auto
Ai Overclock - manual
Loadline Calibration - Enabled
SLI Mem - Disabled
here's my spec's

Coolermasrer Stacker 830
Tagen 1100watt
Striker II Formula w/Bios 2001
E6850 @3.0Ghz
2GB corsaire value select 800mhz pc2 6400
evga 8800GTS 320mb superclocked / slightly overclocked beyound the way it came stock 576/850/1350 now 623/925/1460
Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System
Vista ultimate 32 bit

I made it to 3.82Ghz with vcore at 1.43
whenI tried to go to 3.87Ghz/1720mhz fsb
it folded and BSOD so I reset Bios ansd waited till some one who knows more than me could help me [I know basicly nothing] but I learn best by doing
I was a aviation electronics tech in the Navy and Have wired houses for 20+ yr's so I'm not dumb and I know most of the terminalogy I"m just not sure as to what to change to get it to 4.0Ghz STABLE

any help would be great


Jul 17, 2008
No I haven't I'll look ......I quess thank's

but I'm begining to feel just direct help on this subject is a secret or something

Ok first I noticed that 800Mhz DDR-2 your site say's can only go 400Mhz FSB which would be 3.6 Ghz with my CPU

and I saw before I say the next thing that if you can go higher your lucky

now my questions first this thread was old

and if you read my settings "Memory was unlinked" which to me means it doesn't run at the speed your feeding to the CPU and that's what it say's in the ASUS book that came with this motherboard

So is that right?

ok after that my power supply is fine I got 1100Watts

and I have all the programs and can use them and did when I was running at 3.82Ghz including Prime95 which ran fine for 2hr with no errors

and the rest I under stand
and if you check the setting's I posted

and the Bois of the motherboard [ striker II formula] [the board and bios were built to do this]

I'm liquid cooled so heat at first is no trouble [ it's temp never changed from stock temps even after 2hr's at 3.82Ghz]

so simply I ask If "unlinked" means the ram run's at it's own speed not the speed of the CPU and if I got this far [3.82Ghz] with those settings what should I do next?

I simply ask because I really can't afford to buy new till I get it right , I don't want to set something to high and burn something up

I really don't plan on staying at 4.0Ghz I just want to see If I can get there and learn a little something along the way

so I would think a little help wouldn't be to much to ask for or to much to give



Jul 17, 2008
ok from what If been told 2.4 X is minimum memory multiplier [well acually 2X is]

so if I need 445 FSb to reach 4.05 Ghz that's 1068 Mhz ram [surely 1066 Mhz will do it] I need or

if at 3.2X as stated to me at "Afterdawn forum" that's 1424 Mhz which they don't make such a critter

1200Mhz is the fastest DDR-2 on newegg and way to expensive for me since I only want to get there not say there !!!

so If I'm understanding everybody then to go higher that 3.82Ghz I need to get at least 1066Mhz ram


I was gonna get 1066 Mhz soon any way

just kinda scary to invest more money in this high dollar , shitty quality board

and If and when I up Grade it I'll probly go with DDR-3 on a X58 board

but I guess I can alway's fix up my old part's [ this rig ] into a running system for someone less fortunate and sell it to recoupe some dough

but my dumb ass will probly give it to a reletive

let me know if my brain is at least headed the right way except for the give away part I've alway's been stupid that way


Oct 20, 2008
DDR2 1066 can be needed in your case ( im in the same boat ... ) im also able the get my CPU to boot and work @ 3.82 but in my case its unstable. Your's have a better colled NB. to reach such a "high" speed yes youll may need 1066ram. it depend on the 800 ram you have ... maybe he can do it. but maybe he cant ..


Jul 17, 2008
Yeah I'm begining to see that
it was so easy to get to 3.82Ghz though
I was hoping just asetting up grade would get me closer
agian I don't want to stay there @4.0Ghz
I just want to go once so I know how and that it can if needed which at this point unless your a speed freak isn't needed for any game , program ect...

but thank's for the input at least here I'm getting some answers

just not the ones I was hoping for.........damn it every thing cost more and more money!!!!!!


Jul 17, 2008
that's what I thought about over night or more precisely

I thought if you up voltage to CPU to overclock it [giving it more power to go faster] and if you have to raise voltage on memory to install 1066Mhz ram [usualy from1.8v to 2.1 v for 1066 ] which gives it power to go faster

then if I turn down multiplier and raise the voltage to memory then I should be able to get some more out of it

maybe not 4.0Ghz but I was hoping to hit maybe 3.91Ghz 435/1740 FSb or 3.96Ghz 440/1760 FSB

please check my thinking and let me know Animal

and thank's


Jan 21, 2009
Use the lower multiplier, raise the FSB, test for stability and repeat. Only increase the voltage if it's no longer stable, and never past the recommended limits.


Jul 17, 2008
OK thank's I'll get back to you in a week or so I got some stuff to do before i try it
you know life goes on with out computers and I've gotta take care of some of that stuff