Overclocking(gigabyte board confusing?) link ram speed?


Nov 7, 2007
basically between setting up my watercooling i broke my old evga 650i motherboard opted for the gigabyte P35 DS3R and not really understanding the ram options which is holding back any overclocking. Previously i had my e6600 running at 3.4 gigz and ram in sync mode and linked speeds, i dont see these options available and instead only see ram options which push the speed faster, am i missing something here?


Jun 11, 2004
ok what you should do is flash the BIOS to the F3 version or any other version that says that it expanded the overclocking compatibility and i hate when people dont help in this forum


Jan 7, 2007
i just over clocked my mobo, which is the same as urs. so here ill explain what happens. go to ur manual page 48. n read about memory frequency.

so what u actually do is, u multiply ur CPU HOST Frequency with (some numbers in the option of System Memory Multiplier) n there u find ur current Memory Frequency.

Edit. sorry, im using P35-DS3L (so maybe different page in ur manual) but probably same bios settings.

So, if u put ur CPU FSB to 300. n u multiply by 2.5 in ur System Memory Multiplier ull get ur ram speed to be 750Mhz.


Oct 13, 2002
I have this board, running an e2180. I have the setup at 10x multiplier, 300 bus speed. Im also using the 2.5 option for the 750 mhz bus speed. I tried to up it to 3, for a 900 bus speed, but I keep getting BSOD's in windows. Im pretty happy right now with the 3 ghz, which is what I wanted out of this chip. I believe im at 1.392V according to CPU-z. I may try to bring that down some, but its still not too high. I have the ram running at +.4 v, which should be right at its rated 2.2volts, since the board defaults at 1.8. I have the PCI express set up at 100. I just built this setup yesterday, and everything went well the first time.

I clean installed using an upgrade disk from vista ultimate. Im getting 5.6 in vista's experience thingy, which is the processor's speed. Everything else is a 5.9

Gigabyte P35-ds3l
E2180 3ghz (300x10)
EvGA 8800GTS Superclocked
Seagate 7200.10 250gb
2gb Crucial Ballistix 800mhz