Overclocking Help on freeze fix


Jul 22, 2010
So I tried to overclock my intel core 2 duo cpu to get some more out of it. I was able to get it from stock 3 ghz to 3.6 ghz with good temps and i would get random freeze ups any where between freezing within a few hours of boot to sometimes i could go for a day or 2 with no freezing. Most of the freeze ups come when i play dota 2. i have since went back to stock and no more freeze ups just slightly less smoothness in my game. would a simple voltage tweak fix this problem? because i have up'ed the voltage a bit but didnt go past a certain point to avoid higher temps (think was in the 60 65c range) or would i also need to tweak ram timings and such which i am not so familiar with.

If only cpu voltage change is required which ones do i tweak