Overclocking help


May 23, 2009
basically I need help overclocking my AMD 9750 phenom w/ Asus M3N-HT Deluxe W/ mempipe heres my rig

proccessor amd 9750 2.4 ghz quad
mobo: asus m3n ht deluxe w/ mempipe
gfx card: gtx 260 core 216 superclock
ram: OCZ pc2 8500 1066 mhz 2x2gb gold edition
hdd: Western digital 500gb sata
psu: OCZ stealthxstream 600w non-modular

so all i ask is how to do this im not good with the accronyms im seeing on other forums.
a detailed walkthrough of how to do this would be wonderful and if you have a similiar build to this please tell me what your clocks are it would help me save the time of trial and error


May 26, 2009
Wow daship just sounds brilliant probably get a lot of folk coming to you for answers (sarcasm) Jonathon by now I dont know if you OC'd yet its been a few weeks since this post, but I read that sticky from Graysky and then just read thread after thread from different forums until i figured out the rough estimates of settings that people were using with my CPU and mobo and I started low and moved up and it went great. Ran Prime95 for 24 hrs, and I used real temp and everest for temps and voltage readings. I plan on going higher 3.6 ghz was pretty easy and temps were pretty low while in prime95 I just did a lot of forum reading before I did anything

My system:\
Q9650 OC'd to 3.6ghz/Zalman 9900 Fan
Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo
Kingston PC8500 1066 Ghz 8 Gb. w/corsair dominator Ram cooling fan
2x HD 4890 Gfx in crossfire