Overclocking i5 8600k to 4,7ghz


Jun 30, 2017
I just have a i5 8600k, a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming K3 and 16GB 3000mhz G.Skill. i Want to upgrade it to 4,7GHz, i do it 2 weeks ago with the CPU upgrade in my BIOS but it doesn't increase the vcore and i was havin Blue Screens so i increase it to 1.275, it rans well but i suddenly started to have Blue screens again playing PUBG. I want to do it with intel extreme tuning utility but i don't know how. I followed a video but when i press the apply button it restarted... I want to do it with IEU but it has a lot of options... if i can do it with the BIOS it will be good to. If anyone can help me i would be very grateful.


Dec 25, 2016
according to Intel website

Processor Base Frequency
3.60 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency
4.30 GHz

I would try 4.30Ghz and not to overclock it more because dont think the cpu can handle 4.7 but all i can say that 3.60ghz upto 4.3 is good enough speed for a computer!
How high you can OC a I5-8600K is determined by your luck in getting a good chip.
as of 3/22/2018
What % of I5-8600k chips can oc
at a agressive vcore of 1.4 or so and delidded
4.9 96%
5.0 85%
5.1 66%
5.2 38%
5.3 13%

Note that the max overclocks come with a vcore of 1.4 and delidded processors.
You should have no problem at 4.7 but you need to understand how to OC.

You may do reasonably well by just increasing the all core multiplier gradually from the default of 36 to a higher number and leaving all voltages on auto.
Stress test and monitor vcore. CPU-Z will tell you.
Keep your temperatures under 85c.
Past that, how you do it will depend on the specifics of your motherboard and bios.