Question Overclocking I7 10700k Z490 Taichi


Jul 20, 2020
New to overclocking so so far I've stuck with Asrock's EZ OC set at Turbo 5.1. But I'm only getting spikes to 4.9GHZ and usually am around 4.5. Naturally I have a ton of questions.
First off how long should I run prime 95, running In-place large FFTs?
If you manually set OC (assuming I learn enough to try) to say 5.1, should you actually get 5.1GHZ?
After almost 20 min so far with prime, shouldn't I be a lot hotter than this? The most it's spiked to was 73C but mostly stays in the high 60s.
Some caveats to that screenshot.
CPU Fan 1 is my 240mm arctic liquid freezer II AIO. It's a push pull set as intake in the front.
CPU Fan2 is 4 140mm Noctua NF-A14 1500RPM set as exhaust, 3 top 1 rear.
Chassis Fan3 is 2 Noctua 120mm NF-P12 1700RPM on the push side of the AIO.
Chassis Fan4 is 1 140mm Noctua I cut a hole and modded into the side case as an intake blowing on the GPU.
Chassis Fan6 is 2 120mm Noctua NF-P12 1700RPM set as bottom intakes.
The 2 MOS Fans are the two mini ones that come with the Z490 MOBO.
All set in a full tower Corsair 750D airflow edition case.
Is that just a really great cooling setup or is it because the EZ OC only has my Vcore at 1.2V? I mean I tried to make a good cooling setup when I was building this but it's my first PC build.
lol I don't even know what Vcore actually means aside from having to do with voltage. I don't know what most of the OC terms are, that's why I'm sticking with EZ OC so far.
Is auto OC still a joke? A lot of articles I've read about them say it's not that good but they're also now dated by a few to several years old.

lol In case you can't tell I don't really have a handle on what I'm doing OC wise so any help or advise would be great.