Overclocking i7 920 and gtx 295s


Mar 5, 2009
imagine you are talking with a 7 year old who has never seen a computer before:

how hard/risky/time consuming will it be to overclock an i7 920 when i get it preinstalled from a custom computer place?

if i got 2 gtx 295s, same question for those...does overclocking even help these much (enough to be worth it)

as to cooling...i will have the coolermaster v10...would it be reckless to overclock with this cooler? or do you think it will be enough to allow for overclock?

thanks a lot in advance for any help you can offer


Apr 23, 2008
Depends on if you trust them with your computer, there is only 1 computer specialty shop I go to and they catch me a being more knowledgable than I am. I would probably trust them to OC my computer if I didn't know how to, but just make sure they actually know what their doing and for the record NEVER let someone who works at some place like Geeksquad or something mainstream like that work on your computer (I hear too many horror stories from them, and with something that large scale I have little faith in them since they usually just do computer instalations and run security programs)