Jul 29, 2008
Hey everyone,

I'm new to overclocking and just finished assembling my new pc. Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7 920
Coolit Domino A.L.C(liquid cooling)
ASUS P6T Deluxe
6GB (3x2GB) PC3 12800 DDR3 1600 Triple Channel
2 gtx 280 sli
300.0GB Western Digital VelociRaptor 10,000RPM
antec 900 case
2 extra fans + 4 inside my case
1000 watt antec PSU

My question is, how much can I overclock my cpu without it lowering its lifespan and what should be the exact settings you recommend me to enter in my bios ( if you have the same mobo as me, I would love to see your settings )

Thank you.

mellor x

Apr 5, 2009
Leave everything on auto, Disable turbo, Set Bclk to 200, Vcore to 1.4v. Enjoy

the only problem with that is that all P6T's have problems overclocking, if you manage it, get a program to check the sustainability of your system because id know how id feel if my i7 or motherboard died.

other than that go for it and hope you enjoy faster speeds

mellor x


because its such a new platform its really hard to say but water cooling should help by keeping the temps down, I also have i7 rig water cooled with Swiftech Ultima and I'm using all auto voltages w/Turbo and HT @ BCLK 175x21=3.67ghz with vcore between 1.07-1.33v and memeory set to manual 1.6v and all is well, but this is on a Tpower x58 and not an ASUS board.