Overclocking i7 920 need help


Feb 1, 2009
Hi I am overclocking a new core i7 920 processor and i am getting the blue screen at 3.8ghz
but Temperature is below 60???


Core i7 920 + Stock Cooler

Corsair 1600mhz ddr3 Tri-Channel (3gb)

7200rpm 250gb sata harddrive

Gigabyte Ultra-Durable 3 Ex58-ud5 motherboard

750w Corsair tx750w power supply

Geforce 8800gts 512 Graphics card

I followed this guide and another one but it doesn't seem to work (http://www.overclockers.com.au/files/Core%20i7%20920%20oc%204G%202008.12.12_(ENG).pdf)

I was just wondering if you guys knew what the problem could be and how I can possibly fix it.
Thanks in advance.



Oct 8, 2007
I have the same cpu and MB. At first I just had the stock cooler. I didn't spend much time OC'ing at all but I tried using the easy tune software that came with our MB and would get instability with the stock cooler at about the same speed (3.8ghz) . Again, I wouldn't even call my effort a real try but I think that might be the upper limit of the stock cooler. If I were more experienced with overclocking I could probably get a stable 3.8 on that cooler. I bought a Thermalright U120 and the load temps went down 22 to 24 C. I haven't tried OC'ing with the new cooler though I am sure I could hit a stable 4ghz or higher.

I wouldn't worry. If you are sticking with stock cooling just get it to about 3.6ghz and leave it. That would be a nice free upgrade.