Mar 28, 2010
I m from INDIA
and the temperatures around BOMBAY http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/smilies/bounce.gif are really high its like 35degrees C all the time
I wanted to overclock my e7500
I ll buy a good heat sink but given this weather
I m not sure it'd work.

any suggestions or any one who does overclock in this hot part of the world plz reply
i dont have an a.c. at my place

my config
e7500 2.93
2gb ram (transcend) 800mhz
gigabyte G31-MS2L
for now a cheap 400rs(Approx $8) coolermaster heatsink i dont kno the model no. proper

it would be great if I could take it up to 3.2Ghz or may be 200Mhz more .

oops the most important part my cpus load temp is 59 deg C

I don't live in a hot area (actually the opposite: Canada) but 59C is pretty warm. Any higher and I wouldn't trust it. I would say purchase the new heatsink. It can only improve cooling. 3.2GHz probably won't require any voltage increase so that means not too much more heat. I can't guarantee anything though.
Personally though, I don't think the cost of getting a new heatsink is worth the performance increase gained from an overclock to 3.2GHz (this is based on the prices where I am which is about $30-40 for a good quality heatsink)