Question Overclocking issues


Dec 20, 2018
The parts I have for my pc are: Ryzen 5 1600 af, MSI b450m mortar max, Corsair vengeance LPX 2X8gb 3200mhz kit, CoolerMaster ml240l AIO, thermaltake litepower 750w and a rx570 sapphire pulse.
I am trying to overclock but I'm getting two big issues the first less annoying issue is no matter what I do the clock speed of the ram doesn't change, I will go into the bios or use amd's ryzen master and set the clock to 1600 or for the bios I set it to 3200mhz and then boot windows and it only shows as 2133mhz.
the second issue is when I actually overclock the cpu, I got it working to about 4ghz and then I tried for 4.1ghz. ever since I did that it will only clock at 3.58ghz when i run cinebench and won't go any faster and I'm completely stumped as to why. it was unstable but I increased the voltage to 1.4375 volts and that happened about the same time as it decided that it didn't want to clock faster than 3.58ghz under load