Question Overclocking - Lga 775 P5QL Se + Celeron E3300 @ 3 GHz

Sep 20, 2020
Hi people, my name is Marcos, I am here to try to help and if needed to ask some things for you, I am proud to be part of the forum :).

I acquired a newer-old PC config. (Asus P5QL Se + Intel Celeron E3300 + 2x Corsair XMS2 Xtreme Performance 2 GB DDR2-800 1.9v). I decided to buy it since I like Lga 775 platform and CPUs and the parts were cheap and in good conditions, since dollar is > 5 R$. Well... I decided to do an overclock from 2.50 Ghz to 3.0 Ghz mantaining the RAM at 800 Mhz. I am running this computer for days doing my tasks and the temps are very very very good with stock cooler and a ceramic thermal grease.

I only made this > from 200 to 240 Mhz (Fsb) setting RAM to 800 instead of 960 Mhz and for CPU setted vCore to 1.3v, the PCI 100 Mhz. The rest is in auto mode. My overclock is good or I did something wrong??

The voltage I am looking using HwMonitor and Hwinfo and it shows that the maximum is 1.344v, but the CPU maximum according to Intel's site is 1.365v.

The maximum I achieved about temperature, even here being very hot is 67 C at 5~10m full load.

  1. Why the voltage of the CPU is 1.344v instead of 1.3v like I setted in the BIOS?
  2. This motherboard is good for overclocking? I read some people tried and get it with 400 Mhz the Fsb;
  3. These RAMs are for overclocking or should I stay at stock? I thought about 1066 Mhz at 1.9v;
  4. Leading with vCore and RAM voltage or another voltage can decrease substantially the lifespan of the components or not necessarily?? For example, I want this PC for use for years, impossible with this OC. or can I be relaxed about it?
  5. My PSU is generic, but nothing about noise, it isn't heat, the voltages shown at HwMonitor look pretty good;
  6. These voltages shown are info from the PSU???
Thanks for this space for doing my questions and sorry for so much information.