Question Overclocking memory for my Gigabyte z370 Aouros Gaming 7 Board


Aug 24, 2012
Hi I have a Gigabyte Aouros Gaming 7 motherboard. I'm running windows 10 Latest version (1909) I was wondering if anyone has this same board and has there memory overclocked in the Bios? I have the latest Bios version f15A I believe I have Crucial memory (64Gb) (DDR4) (Dual Channel) (Model Crucial Memory) ( Dram Manufacturer Micron). and the speed is 2400 The processor is a intel Core I7 8700K 3.70 Ghz And in the Bios I have Cpu EIEST Function disabled. Cpu Thermal Monitor Disabled. Package c state Limit C0/C1. CPU Enhanced Halt C1E Disabled C3 State support Disabled. C6/C7 State disabled . C8 State Disabled. C10 State disabled. Memory profile is at Profile 1. any help would be great. I'm just looking for a small memory overclock nothing too big but something a little bit more than the profile 1 for the memory profile.

Any help would be greatI tried upping my cpu ratio to 3.9 from 3.7 and I could not find Cpu Ratio mode to set it to fixed mode and then I set the dram voltage to 1.400v from the stock which is 1.200 and then I started out slow and on the System Memory multiplierI raised to 33.3 from 24.00 and the memory timing I kept at Auto. Oh and the Memory profile I disabled from profile 1. and I got a blue screen. I wish I could remember what the blue screen actually said something about the windows Registry but it reset the bios and dropped the bios version down to a lower version down to 1/23/19 or something like that. So I flashed with the latest version and that is what I have right now.

Thanks for your help in advance