overclocking MSI P4M900M-L


Jul 27, 2008
I need help How to overclock dual core E2160 1.8GHZ cpu using MSI P4M900M-L (INTEL) motherboard? Overclock upto 3.0GHZ. Any suggestion would help a lot......




We have one of these mobos coupled with an Intel E4300 1.8GHz and 2x512mb of Wintec DDR2 800 memory. I have found no way to change any of the multipliers, FSB, or voltages, even though this is an option in the BIOS for some of these things.... When any tweaks are attemmped for overclocking in the BIOS, I get a total failure to POST, and have to clear the CMOS to restart.

The memory will not run in Dual Channel.

Also, this mobo runs the CPU at a lower multiplier [200FSB x 6 multiplier = 1200 MHz (1.2GHz) instead of full time 200FSB x 9 multiplier = 1800 MHz (1.8GHz)] at idle or when there is low load on the CPU. I have found no way to disable this feature....

My advice is to pawn this off to your kids, or a younger sibling. Purchase a mobo with an Intel or nVidia chipset. Buyer beware.