Question Overclocking MSI RTX 3080


Jan 18, 2018
Hi all,

i7 9700k @ 4.7
MSI RTX 3080 trio x
32 gb 3200 Corsair
Z390 Gaming pro carbon
RM850i psu

So, using OC scanner in AB with my 1080ti was easy and I ran with a mild OC for a while without issue. Fast forward to now, MSI rtx 3080 gaming x trio and OC scanner says :
Scan succeeded, average oc is +84MHz
Memory clock +200MHz
Dominant limiters
No load
overclock considered unstable

A few questions, what does dominant limiters and no load mean for the results? And, I was then able to run a manual + 150 with +200 on the memory OC in Time Spy (it failed at +200/+200 on previous run). Stock run was 14670, while this overclocked run was 15176 and completed without issues. Temp average was 53c. So why is it telling me results are considered unstable if I was able to run time spy with no issues whatsoever on higher clock? Is it really not stable or is something up with OC scanner and the new 30 series cards? Its a big jump, imho, from 14670 to 15176 and it ran good with good thermals, but I dont want to hurt anything and I am new to manual oc'ing.

Just looking for a little guidance and making sure im not making a mistake trying to game with this oc.
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