Overclocking my P4 2.4B


Aug 18, 2003
I need help overclocking my system past 3ghz. My current setup is as follows:

-P4 2.4B retail with Swiftech MCX4000 heatsink + Delta 68.5 cfm fan
-Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 motherboard
-2 x 512MB Kingston PC3200 RAM in dual channel setup
-FX5200 video card
-2 x 80gb maxtor ata133 8mb cache hdd in raid 0
-antec true430 PSU

Here is my problem: I have no problems getting it to run 3ghz simply by upping the FSB to 167 and leaving the Vcore at the "normal" 1.618v, but when I try to put the FSB at 200 to match the memory speed my system wont boot (I can't even get to the BIOS, I have to kill all the power and it resets back to the old working settings). What should I do to get it to run at 200 FSB.

My mobo can adjust Vcore from 1.550 to 1.750v by 0.025v increments. I leave the "DRAM Clock(MHz)" at 400 since that's what the manual says to leave it at for DDR400 ram. The APG and PCI clocks are locked at 66 and 33. Any suggestions would be wonderful so please post. Thanks in advance.


Jun 3, 2003
Well most 2.4B chips cannot reach 3ghz so if you got there that means you're lucky, and 200FSB is just a dream, no matter how hard you push your vcore, most likely you'll kill your chip before you get to that 3600mhz.

I hate Computers! My P4 2.4C won't go above 3840mhz. My Sapphire 9800pro core/mem speed won't go above 490/790. I really hate computers!
Your chipset is known to support bus speed of around 166MHz, give or take a few MHz, very few actually make it to 200MHz. Your CPU is known to make it to around 3GHz, give or take 200MHz, so...figure it out, either could be your problem, both probably reach their limit around the same time.

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