Overclocking my system


Jan 14, 2009
I have a asus p5n e sli mobo
cpu intel core 2 duo e 7200
4 gig ocz platnum pc 6400
2 xfx geforce 8600 gt xxx
i need help with over clocking please help me


There is a whole guide on how to overclock stuff. Looks like you have a good platform to start with. You should check out this link, and read through it:


and for the video cards


Once you have tried these guides, post up some specific questions. If others had replied to this post, you would have seen a lot of hate, as it's not cool to just post a "Please do all my work for me" posts. You have to take the first step and try the guides out, and then when you are stuck, or have a specific issue, you can ask and others will respond.


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Thank you festerovic! I couldn't have said it better, however, allow me this opportunity to elaborate.

popacap, with all due respect, we see far too many of these "show me cuz i dont wanna read" threads, so pardon me for being blunt, but I resent questions such as yours because they are intrusive, assuming and inconsiderate, as I will explain: Understand that every question you post on the Forums, in turn asks others to volunteer their precious time to write answers for you, which have already been written many times, and could've easily been found with a little effort through Google, or by clicking on the Forum "Search" button, or by reading the "Sticky's" and Guides, without imposing upon others.

The only redeeming factor is that your question is honest, and makes no attempts to disguise it's nature as being yet another "user" that obviously has no problem "using" others to gain access to the elusive "Easy Button", and typically imposes further by asking someone to push it for them. :heink: Having seen this scenario played out countless times here at Tom's, these observations are provided for the benefit of all new Forum members, so no offense is intended toward you personally. Since your question is so basic, and you state that you have no idea how to overclock, it reveals that you've made no efforts to find your own answers. Regardless, I appreciate the honesty of your question.

We're always willing to help those who are willing to help themselves, but no one wants to be "used" as your own personal "Oracle" to "spoon feed" just enough information to you, so that you can conveniently skip the enire overclocking learning curve at our expense, nor does anyone want you to potentially damage your rig at your expense, because you didn't do your homework. You are the only person responsible for conducting your own research. This task rests squarely upon your shoulders alone, so it is inappropriate to ask anyone here at Tom's, or at any other computer enthusiast website, to take ownership of your overclocking project.

Since every processor is unique in it's overclocking potential, voltage tolerance, and thermal behavior, there are no quick and easy answers, except for one ... READ! Read, read, read, then read again until you're certain that you understand the matertial. Read your motherboard manual and the Guides, study the terminology, do your own research, take notes, then apply your newly acquired knowledge by puting it into practice. If there's a definition you don't understand, then look it up in the manual or on the Internet before proceeding. This is how we learned to overclock, and you can too, but keep in mind that without any experience, overclocking is definately not quick and easy. It is best approached carefully and methodically in small increments, and requires patience to work through many hours of tweaking, testing, re-tweaking and re-testing.

Ultimately, you didn't buy a Dell, you instead chose to build your own, so you are your own product support team, just like the rest of us. As festerovic has suggested, once you're up to speed (no pun intended) :D on overclocking basics, then feel free to ask a few reasonably well informed, intelligent questions, rather than annoy everyone with an endless onslaught of fragmented, clueless questions. If you're not prepared to embrace and execute these concepts, or if you're really not interested in learning how to overclock, or understanding what you've learned, or if perhaps you're just not very technically inclined, then you can always pay a local PC shop to overclock your rig for you, or be content to run at stock.

Comp :sol:

Incidentally, since overclocking affects temperatures, you'll need an after-market high-end CPU cooler. Also, here's one more Sticky for you to study:

Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide


May 21, 2008

Really we should have that entire blurb stickied somewhere, but then again if people read the stickies we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. Never the less, that was very well put.


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Thanks kyeana. This sort thread of just thoroughly annoys the hell out of me, so I sometimes feel overwhelmingly compelled to express my opinions. I hope I wasn't too harsh, however, in all fairness to those who are newcomers at Tom's Forums, I must point out that the Sticky's are labeled about as clear as mud.

It's somewhat less than obvious that the first few posts at the top of each Forum might be a Sticky because they're in bold, and have a little red arrow --> on the left. Once upon a time about 2 years ago, the Sticky's had a "Sticky Note" icon next to them which said "Sticky" so the Sticky's were unmistakable, just as they are on so many other websites.

We've asked Tom's to correct this blunder, so the n00bs that actually are interested in reading and learning won't lack directions. Since Tom's has yet to return the Sticky's to their original recognizable ID format, I can only take this to mean that Tom's apparently holds little regard or value for the wealth of knowledge contained in the Sticky's.


Jul 25, 2007
+1 For COMP also. You hit the head of the nail right there. it was well put, curtious, intellgent, and to the point.

I'm only an amature overclocker myself. I still have many questions. But i will always look and look and look under every rock for information before I bother the forums at Tom's for information.

@popacap, If you really want help/information, google some overclocking sites. Read other forums + toms, read a few guides on the web, and if your still stumped, come talk to Tom's forums. You must understand that everyone on Tom's wants to help. We all love computers and games. We are all ensuthists in are own right. In the end, we are nothing more than a community of ensuthists who want to share their knowledge, learn something new, and have fun.