Question Overclocking on I7 8700K problem

Aug 22, 2019
hello guys,

i have i7 8700K delidded with Aorus Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0 Motherboard and Corsair Vengeance Pro 3600mhz CL 18. When i do CPU overclock with 2133 mhz ram , i get 5.2 ghz stable at 1,38v and pass stress test and benchmark. but after i turn on XMP , my cpu cannot go beyond 5 ghz for daily use even at 1,44 v. i set VCCSA and VSSIO at 1,3 v. Did i set it wrong or my motherboard cannot handle it or limitation from memory controller? note : everytime i set to 5,1 ghz or more it will go bluescreen like irql not less or equal or kernel security check failure.

if you have idea for me to try, i really love to hear it. thanks guys. sorry for my bad english.
Of course you do realise, that apart from bragging rights, the difference between 5.0 and 5.2 is practically negligible, and specially for gaming translates to just a few FPS. It only really gives a little bump in synthetic benchmarks.

You would be much better off keeping the 5ghz with lower vcore, and getting a boost from XMP on your mem.

Yes, you are correct, you are probably pushing the mobo to hard on the IMC causing the BSOD's