Overclocking potential with Striker II


Jul 22, 2008
Okay I've recently assembled my new rig:
ASUS Striker II
2.66gHz Q9450
8gb Corsair 800mhz DDR2 Ram
Watercooling of the CPU

I'm having some problems with my Striker II, the NB on the motherboard gets extremly hot, so hot that the onboard passive cooling can't take the heat and shuts down. I've found no other solution than to buy a new cooler for the chipset or get an entierly new motherboard.

I'm kind of not happy about getting a chipset cooler for my watercooling since I'm afraid it will decrease the overall overclocking I might be able to do on my CPU. But since I'm far from a pro at overclocking I'm wondering if my fears are well founded. I plan to pretty much only use the default overclocking profil and choose the percentage options that are available in the Bios.

I noticed while in the bios, since I was able to keep it alive long enough to get a steady reading, that the cpu was around 40 C in idle. So that's how effective my watercooling is I guess.

I've actually already ordered both a new motherboard and the chipset cooler, but I have the option to turn either of them down at the doorstep and just have the postman take it back. The motherboard I ordered was a ASUS P5N-T Deluxe and I really don't know how capable this motherboard is. So if anyone has a better suggestion for a motherboard, options would be appreciated.
I prefer ASUS but anything goes really. I don't need SLI but I want to be able to overclock and of course it having support for my other hardware. The criteria I set for myself finding the other motherboard was that it had PCI-Express 2.0 and supported DDR2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Feb 17, 2008
I've heard that the striker II's had a pretty bad heatsink application/thermal pasting job done on them. you could consider reapplying the thermal paste to the nb/sb heatsink, although having to remove the entire heatsink/heatpipe would be a pain.

If you want good overclocking and no SLI you should just go with an intel based board like an X38/X48.


Jun 10, 2008
Your motherboard should have come with two fans to attach around the CPU to help cool off the northbrigde. These say they are required for overclock and especially when you have water cooling since there is no fan blowing on them at all.

What kind of air flow do you have in your case?

What kind of water cooler are you using?

How high have you O/C'ed so far?