Overclocking problem...


May 11, 2008
Hi Guys,

Im learning some basic overclocking and recently have some stable settings. But when im trying to push evenmore my CPU(Q6600, G0 Stepping) in ASUS P5k Deluxe, up to 3.6 GHZ i failed to have stable settings. All was set to auto except FSB Freq, CPU voltage and memory Frequency(memory was kept on its rated operating frequency DDR2800). Im not sure where im having problem. My primary suspect was my cheapo GENERIC Power supply. I saw some CPU voltage with the same clock speed in the same mobo using about 1.46+-V and rock stable. In my case i even reach 1.5V(i consider it the max limit) but still windows keeps on crushing.

Any opinion or ideas?


May 29, 2007
Yeah i would also say the psu is the culprit. If I was you I would get rid of it as soon as possible as generic psu's don't normally have any sort of over voltage protection which means if their is a serge it could fry not just the psu but all over components attached to it.

Also remember that not all cpu's are the same which is why some overclock higher than others even if they are in the same batch. You should also check your temps .etc. Try raising the voltage a little more just watch your temps.