Question Overclocking problem

Aug 24, 2021
I had to overclock my geforce gt520 to play genshin impact and it works.. not good but just decente, playable. but i have a problem, sometime, 2/3 times on 8-10 hours of gameplay game start to freeze and when i go to see the state at MSI afterburner it say 270MHZ GPU and 405MHZ mem with 39º (so chill to run genshin dont?) when i play it says like 915/570/ and 70-75º (My conclusión was video card is ignoring genshin or something like that and not getting forced to run it). Back to normal after restart pc, but sometimes take 2/3 resets. How can i change that?
70-75°C while gaming is normal for a system with lackluster cooling.

and it only takes a few milliseconds for the temperature to drop significantly when a game is closed or minimized.
the core & memory speeds will also drop when not being stressed.
seeing those different temperatures & speeds when closing the window to view Afterburner is also totally normal.

the fact that the game freezes\crashes doesn't really give any hints as to what the issue may be.
try reinstalling the game.
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