Overclocking problems help


Feb 13, 2009
Here is my system.

Asus 785td-v evo mobo
Amd Phenom II x4 955 C0 stepping
Ocz ddr3 1333 - 4 1 gig sticks. Set in bios at factory settings 7-7-7-20 at 1.8v
Antec tru power new 750 watt psu (overkill for this sytem as is)
Sunbeamtech core contact freezer 120
Gigabyte HD 5770

Prior to installing the graphics card I had this running at 3.9 ghz 19x205 at 1.406V. Ran PERFECT stable 24/7 passed 4 hours of prime95 never got above 50c. Now however im unable to run this processor overclocked at these settings at all. Why is this? Do I need to increase voltage somewhere else other then just cpu voltage? Or increase something else??

This only failed overclocking AFTER installing the video card. I just dont get it :( Im only able to run at 3.2 ghz after installation of it. I have to be missing something here. I posted this originally in the graphics section, but realized it was a cpu overclock problem.
Start by getting into BIOS and setting the RAM ratio to the lowest possible setting, BEFORE you do any overclocking. This will eliminate the RAM as the source of OC instability. 1.8v seems high for the RAM. Make sure that this voltage does not keep increasing along with the CPU overclock. Here is a very nice guide I found at Tom's hardware:
This is what I did to OC my Intel i-7 920 to 3.51 GHz with CPU idle temps around 27 degs. C per RealTemp
It might be good to re-check the CPU/heatsink installation (proper application of thermal compound) and ensure that nothing got moved during the the video card installation.
Good luck!


Aug 20, 2009
It's a slim chance but maybe the new video card is generating heat that raise the ambient temperature within the casing. What is your casing and how is your case ventilation?

What is the CPU temperature at 3.2GHz compare to the 50c at 3.9Ghz before you installed the video card?

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