Overclocking Q9550 on ASRock P45R2000-WiFi


Nov 19, 2008
Hi I am new to overclocking and i would kindly ask for your valuable assistance. :pt1cable:

I have just overclocked an Intel Q9550 from 2.83GHz to 3,6GHz.

The Motherboard i am using is the ASRock P45R2000-WiFi.
As well:

XFX GF NVidia GeForce 9800 GTX+ xxx edition

Kingston HyperX PC2-8500 2x2Gb

650W PSU

The system is pretty much stable passed the following tests:

3DMark06 = Scored 15668 which was pretty low on my classification and i would like to ask your opinion on that.

OCCT V2.0 Passed the 6 min and 1 hour test.

BurnIn Test: I have tested it in all categories.

However on Prime95 it passed the small FFT's but when i am using the blend test and this is very strange to me, 1 of the 4 threads will (and only 1 of them) will give the result: FATAL ERROR Found 0.5 expected less than 0.4 (or something like that) :D

The temperatures i am getting on Prime95 is around 60-61 C with my stock cooler.
Average temperature while the PC working is 50-55 C (God bless my THERMALTEK "Kandalf" case) :bounce:

I have to add that i attempted an overclock at 4Ghz but not stable at all with temperatures around 67C, which of course i didnt keep.

The settings for the 3.6 GHz overclocking are as follows:

Bus Speed: 424
Multiplier: 8.5
Core Voltage: 1.288v
Rated FSB: 1697

RAM Frequency on BIOS set to Auto (Which on CPU-Z will give me: 424 as i have 1:1 ratio and 6-6-6-18)
RAM Voltage set to: 2.2v
PLL to 0,67v
and all the other voltage on BIOS set to Highest

I would appreciate your comments on this overclocking and especially if anyone can help me to sort this issue with the Primark95 test. :pt1cable:

If you need any clarification please ask. :hello: