Overclocking question


Dec 17, 2008
so i just recently oced my q6600 to 3.2ghz stable. but the problem is that my ram frequency is somehow linked to the oc and i had no choice to underclock instead of overclocking the ram that may cause instability issues. now my question is that will underclocking ram have a large amount of performance decrease? my ram was suppose to run at 800mhz but i was forced to downclock to 711mhz.
No u wont see a noticeable difference.
In OC'ng sometimes u may need to lower your RAM's MHZ to get a good OC,so its not anything bad and u wont get a performance loss.If u are stable now,leave it or if u want your RAM to be 800MHZ or higher,u may need to increase voltages too.