[SOLVED] Overclocking R9 3900X to 5ghz with Wraith Prism cooler?

Jun 12, 2020
This is a purely theoretical question except if it is feasible, then I might try actually doing it. So I'm watching this video about overclocking the 3900X:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssuqhyqah2k

I noticed Jay is using an AIO instead of the stock cooler, and he also says the default settings in his mobo are wrong. My mobo will be an ASUS ROG Strix b550-f wifi, so would I need to change any of those settings to avoid the excessive temps that Jay describes? Since my RAM speed is "3600mhz", the infinity fabric should be clocked to 1800mhz, right? I only want to overclock lightly, but 5ghz would be nice. I was wondering, would the wraith prism be enough to achieve this kind of an overclock without stability issues? How long would I be able to run the system, and would the temps be under 90C? I understand that some of this is only determined through trial and error but if people have tried something similar then how did it go?
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The wraith Prism can’t handle the 3900x at stock during stress testing. It could just barely handle my 3800x at stock without the fan running at a loud 100%.
Jul 9, 2020
no way you'll get 5ghz, 4.6 or 4.7 at best but not with that cooler :p you'd be better off not overclocking since the 3900x boosts to a high enough single core clock at least. You should know what you're doing before attempting a high overclock, if you're not experienced enough, go for smth small.. but like I said, smth small won't even be worth it cause of the boost clock it already has.
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