Nov 11, 2011
Hey guys. Just built my new system on a Gigabyte Z68 board which allows me to overclock pretty much anything I want. Including the integrated GPU in my I5-2400 and ahem ... memory.

Alright, so heres the question. What sort of benefit do you get from overclocking memory? How much hotter will it get and does it have higher risks then overclocking your CPU?

Just curious.
This is my ram. 8GB of it, so 2 sticks.


Im running my 800 ram at 960. I got like 5% increase in bench marks like vantage or 3dmark 11. In game I cant see any difference. None of the temps as reported by hardware monitor changed noticably... maybe 1 or 2 deg. Would like to hear from some one with a z68 and ddr3 ram.