overclocking suggested heatsink


Aug 21, 2001
i am getting a athlonxp 3000+ 400fsb and i feel like o/c'ing it, and i was just wondering what heatsink/fan should i get to go along with it... and also what is a good psu size and brand(looking to stay under $40) to go along with it. when it says p4 ready... can i still use it with amd?

nf7-s v.2
corsair value select 512mb pc3200

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since ur o/c buy a mobile 2600+ chip, much cheaper + a higher o/c.

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Dec 31, 2007
You're buying the wrong chip to overclock. Get a standard XP2500+ or the Mobile chip. You are trying to start out with a chip that already runs 400mhz stock. Not much room there and those chips are way more expensive. Power supply rec's are Fortron Source (350 or Aurora 350) and Thermaltake 420 Pure Power. All about the same price. :smile:

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Feb 7, 2003
I got a Thermaltake Silent Boost heatsink/cooler for my XP 2400+. My temps with stock cooler were around 60 C, now with this cooler, around 40 C. The cooler is rated to a 3400+. It may not be the best cooler on the market, but if you want a quiet, relatively cheap, performance cooler, I would check into it. Newegg, has it for around $35. Also, consider getting some Artic Silver thermal paste. As far as PSU, I have an Antec 430 watt, it is very reliable, and provides good stable voltages.