Overclocking Tutorial


Jan 7, 2008
Ive read throught the guides on the forum and have a good understanding of overclocking and Ive overclocked in the past and have gotten good/great results. However there are more and more things being added to the bios and new utilities that im am either unaware of.

I have all the major utilites: cpuz, memtest, orthos ect... and know how to use them but Im one of those guys who when it come down to it I love jumping into a pool with grace and not just belly floping and ending up with a few broken ribs.

My qestion is that im looking for a very detialed guide not just the noob stuff (most guides are made with the noob in mind) ive got them all and have used that knowledge to bset of my abilities. A very specific guide (dont care if i have to learn veral diff bios) or which ever is the best one avaiable (Reason why I didnt pick out any one just from the forum).

Im about to oc a e2180 and a Giga byte board

and 2gb maybe 4 gb corsair xms (1gb stribs) ram

so any recommendations on guides for this would be helpfull. Adain im not a nooob just not stupid and not wanting miss a feature that might help gain better results or miss one like c1e that drops my power randomly.

TYVM for your Help

please recommend your fav guide at this forum or at another source


Jun 12, 2008
One thing to remember, you can get higher clock numbers with less memory, generally speaking. Also, if you aren't using a 64bit operating system, it will not address the full 4gb of RAM.