Question Overclocking/undervolting i7-9700K, couple questions

Jan 10, 2021
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Hey guys, been dabbling in the OC realm after a long while being out of it and had a few questions as I don't remember running into these problems a long while ago. I am using Intel XTU, on a pretty xxxxxx motherboard but great components other than that. Added an arctic liquid freezer II and temperatures have been great. I have undervolted using core voltage offset by 0.08 V (for now), have the ratio multiplayer at 49x for all cores, turned off turbo boost short power mode and thermal velocity boost, and increased processor cache ratio to 45x.

Q1: I am power limit throttling and this is the main thing I don't have experience with. Does this mean I need to actually go the other way and increase voltage, keeping in mind thermals and max CPU voltage of course? Are there other adjustments to be made to help with this?

Q2: What should I do from here to continue to eek out some performance, should I continue to increase the ratio multiplier? And lastly if I continue to push the ratio multiplier up, is there ever an instance where I should actually increase voltage to get the highest clock so long as I am not maxing out above 80 C at any point for a long period?

Thanks guys, trying to learn!
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