Overclocking with a Gigabyte EX38-DS4.


May 8, 2008
I just got a new computer and I was thinking of overclocking.

My specs are:

Gigabyte EX38-DS4
Antec P182
Corsair TX 750w
Gainward 9800 GX2
Corsair 4gb (2x2048) xms2 DHX ddr2
Intel Q9300 2.5ghz @ 3.2. (temp. 33, is that ok ?)
CPU Cooler Thermalright Ultra 120-extreme

now for the CPU its FSB is at 428 which probably means 7.5 x 428 and its voltage is 1.293.
RAM is at 856 and its voltage is 2.10, is that ok too? Should I change the multiplier?

and for the graphics card I need your opinion about it, its temp. is 70c Idle.
is that going to toast if I play a game such as crysis?
if not, what a good, optimized OC setting for its core, memory, and shader clock ?

Thanks alot.



Aug 9, 2004
Check the temperatures with CoreTemp/CPUID HW Monitor (if you are not already using those). Gigabyte's tools are somewhat erratic.

The CPU Vcore voltage is a bit high (probably on AUTO settings in BIOS?) but every chip is different. I've had no issues with that RAM upto 900MHz (DDR) on a friends build. If it gets unstable drop timings to 5-5-5-15.

I can't really help you with the graphics but it appears quite hot. Check idle temperatures from the tons of reviews on the web.