Overclocking without Speedstep


Jun 13, 2012
Hello, hey guys I am using a intel-17-2600k i have overclocked it to 5150Mhz. I want to have a constant speed of 5150Mhz all the time, thus i have disabled c states and CIE states and turbo mode in my bios, but when i turn off speedstep the clocks speed goes back to 3400Mhz and stays there constantly. Is there any way i can make it stay at 5150Mhz all the time.
I have a asus p8z77-v motherboard with thier ueif bios
Hmm. I don't understand that. Try a lower Turbo multi, say 45x. With High Performance enabled and all power saving features disabled, it SHOULD stay at a whatever speed you set constantly. Does with my 2500K, anyway, and I actually don't have ANY power saving features disabled (SpeedStep and C states are ENABLED, but Turbo isn't, since I don't OC with the Turbo multi's). Just like the ability to use the Balanced power profile and let it clock down when I'm not actually using the computer (Otherwise I use High Performance).

Also, set the BCLK back to 100Mhz, if you haven't already.

I wasn't even gonna try to argue that point (the temps), lol. Since he has an H100, I figure it makes him think he's good to go to the moon, but I was gonna let him see for himself.