Oct 4, 2011
hi all ,

i've intel p4 2.8ghz processor and for extreme speed i try to overclock it with setfsb2.2

and i do it

but after 10 to 15 days 2.8ghz becomes very low rate at 1.33 ghz i try to overclock it again but nothing happens

so i want your help please tell me how can i restore it to 2.8ghz /factory settings


please reply me to rajan7215@yahoo.com

or my facebook account fyaa18@yahoo.com


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On to your problem:
You need to clear the BIOS. Your computer/motherboard manual will tell you how to clear the BIOS and restore factory defaults. If you cannot find the manual, you can look for it on the manufacturer's website.

If that does not work, turn off the computer and unplug it from the wall. Find the CMOS battery. It will look like a watch battery about 2 cm. in diameter and about 2 or 3 cm thick. Remove it and wait 5 minutes. Reinstall the batery and turn on the system.

If that does not work, repeat except wait overnight, then try to turn of the computer.


just go into bios and load optomized defaults/failsafe defaults. all bios have these (as far as im aware) if the bios doesnt respond by saving the dma data then you may want to reset it.
taking out the battery for 30 seconds is enough, no need to wait overnight... it clears the bios but not the cmos so will alow the bios to renew and write the new data to cmos after post...
if the cmos needs cleaning then you have 4 potential options... as motherboard from different makers handle this different ways. but all use residual current.
turn off the pc at the power brick... now you have about 3 seconds to perfom this majic act...

1) the 3 pin jumper.... remove the jumper from pin 1-2 and connect pins 2-3 leave for 10 seconds. then put the jumper back in its original position... and boot.
2 the 2 pin, you will need a paper clip for this... find the 2 pin jumper, it should be pretty close to the battery and short it with a paperclip for 10 seconds... remove the clip and boot.
3) no jumper? remove the bios battery , take a paperclip and short the +/- terminals of the battery holder for 10 seconds... replace the battery and boot...
4) cmos reset button...(whoohoo finaly a simple easy way) turn off the pc and hit the cmos reset button till it either flashes or 10 seconds (which ever is sooner) then boot as normal...

you will only need to reset the cmos is the bios refresh doesnt write its data to the cmos. so no need to jump straight to it...

like i say all these methods rely on residual current. if your motherboard has an led, and its on it means there is enough residual to perform the bios reset... you will have till this goes off to perform it... if it goes off while you have the jumpers shorted then thats fine it should have still worked as it really only needs the connection with no time limit. but i say 10 seconds so your cool about it and dont rush to break something.
anyways good luck... try bios first b4 you open the case.

1 other thing. as its so old you may want to clean it out to help keep temps down this may be the root of your throttling problem...

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