May 22, 2009
Hello fellow technology enthusiasts. My current system is a home built rig, but unfortunately it's starting to show it's age. I'm not looking to build a brand new rig. I just want to upgrade some of the major parts. So, here we go with the details...

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within a month. BUDGET RANGE: US $600-$800 (prefer to stay close to $600)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Internet Use, Office Applications

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Network Card (onboard is fine), Sound Card (5.1+ onboard is fine), Monitor, DVD drives

I'd like to use my current case still (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129021)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg.com, tigerdirect.com, other well known and reputable sites

PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel CPU, Nvidia video card (looking at GeForce GTX series), Windows Vista Home is fine.

OVERCLOCKING: No current plans. SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No current plans. Possibly in the future.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want to be able to run new games with settings at max, or as close as possible. I havn't kept up on PC hardware like I used to so my knowledge is limited at this point. Specifically I want to run games like World of Warcraft and modern FPS titles smoothly. Also, I would like to avoid upgrading power supplies as well.