[SOLVED] Overheating charger with new battery in ProBook 4540s ?

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Jun 26, 2019
It is a ProBook 4540s. The original battery is at least 8 years old, the battery lasts 1 hour at most. Last week I bought a new battery (HSTNN-LB2R) and a new charger (18.5V 3.5A), and made sure both were compatible, the specs matched well.

Although the battery worked fine, the charger got terribly hot, and when I realized it it wasn't even charging the laptop anymore. The charger didn't work again so I bought another one. The new charger started to heat up as well, this time reaching temperatures of 185 ° F. I also noticed that the charger was emitting a choppy buzz (recording of the sound), but the charger still works. I was suspicious of the charger again and tried another and exactly the same thing happened. I tried using the original battery, and the two chargers that are still working behaved normally.

For all that, I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I return the battery and buy a new one, or try now with a 19V 4.74A charger (also compatible, according to the label on the back of the laptop)?
Buy the exact same part number that should be written on the original battery.
There may be some proprietary circuitry involved.
Cheaper "compatible" replacements may not work properly.


Did you source the battery from somewhere like Aliexpress or from a seller that claims that the battery is a genuine part for the HP ProBook 4540s? Did you cross-reference both the battery and the charger to be the same make and model as the ones you had prior(bundled with the laptop)?

Just because a battery has more volts and Amps slapped onto it doesn't mean it's going to give you more power. As stated, you should look into the same parts as that which were with the laptop.
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