Question Overheating CPU issue?

Oct 4, 2021
I recently ran into an error and I'm not too sure what to do. Out of no where whilst not being on any hardware intensive tasks the PC shut down and restarted and shows the usual (I think) American Megatrends boot but it says warning overheating CPU. So I was thinking because recently there have been 2 factors that could contribute to this 1 very major one is that my dumb ass has recently been collapsing in bed when getting in because it feels so comfortable / is a bit cold out of it I guess so the PCs left on. But also I guess 1 minor reason is my new desk and my pc is still 30cm away underneath the desk but previously it was under no desk so. But I have now fixed the desk issue and we took the side panel off and cleared a lot of the dust out but we haven't tried unscrewing the CPU heatsink yet and then blowing the dust off there or fixing the CPU another way. And of course you could tell the CPU was hot and I left for like 5-10 minutes but I guess I should leave it for a lot longer. And the monitors got no signal right after the first American Megatrends restart and I didn't touch the PC at all then but the PC has remained on for 5-10 mins and didn't turn itself off so it shouldn't just turn off over a bit of time. I have the (in replies) pc but it's like a year old so I've got the 1650 super instead and other parts may have been different but I'm not too sure. So I have contacted mesh (the prebuilt creators) but I'm not too sure what to now apart from leaving it
  • Tried replugging all cables
  • Cleaning / reslotting ram sticks
  • Resetting the CMOS battery
  • Cleaning the CPU fan (need new thermal paste)
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