r3z s1ckn3ss

Nov 14, 2009
Okay. Here's the problem. I know my system is outdated but has always ran great for me. All I do is play Warcraft and watch movies pretty much. As of late though my PC seems to be lagging and locking up. I've scanned my drives and I know the PSU is fine. The Graphics card is a HIS 512MB Radeon 2600XT ICEQ Turbo Edition. AND I just now locked up for a second. *Sigh. Anyways I did do a temp reading on my Pentium D 820 Smithfield and it is reading anywhere from 68 c to 70 c. I don't ever remember it EVER running that hot. All I know is that I had recently pulled out the MOBO to fix up my case and cable management and may have knocked the heat sink loose. What do you guys think? Do I need to clean up and re seat the heat sink with some new thermal grease?
Yes, your CPU is defiantly overheating (quite common for that generation of Intel CPU's actually).
Check to make sure your heat sink is free of dust and that the fan is still working properly.
When you remove the HS, thoroughly clean the CPU and HS contact surface with a high percentage isopropyl alcohol and lint free cloth.
When reinstalling the CPU, make sure not to use to much thermal paste.
You can locate good instructions on how to apply thermal paste Here.


Jan 5, 2010

Dude, I have the perfect solution to ALL your overheating problems! My son and I put together a new PC and we discussed an alternate cooling method for the cpu. We both decided that liquid cooling would be the route to go. Now I am not a computer whiz nor an electronic assembly genius, but as I assisted my son in the installation of the Musscool CPU Cooling System, I found out that this was easy even for me!
The cost was quite low, below $70! Actual price was $64.99 at Fry's in Renton Washington. So I urge you to check to see if you have a similar store where you are. And if you don't , try surfing the web and buy a similar system online or even get it from Fry's and have it shipped to you. After install the temp. program with the Asus Mb we used read a very cool 30C or 77F even with overclocking for COD4 Modern Warfare! So I urge you to get the Musscool and if you feel it is too hard, remember what I told you, even I could install it and if I can do it, then ANYBODY can!
Hope this helps you to solve that overheating problem! :bounce:
LOL at that post souds like an AD to me must be his own store LOLs anyways thats a tad warm for your processor go out do your self a favor get some artic silver 5 thermal grease radio shack is cheapest for it like 6 or 7.99 clean heat sink and CPU with instruction above reseat snuggly remeber too much thermal compound can be bad too so just put a dab a lil smaller then a BB on the die spread with old credit card or something and u should be back in bizzness. Most older pentium Ds will idle in mid to upper 40s sometimes lower 50s and 70 at full load is almost norm i think 68 or 69 is max for it