Question Overheating issue and fan config issues (possibly)

Ricardo Waitos

Oct 10, 2014
Sometimes my pc overheats, no two ways about it. Today I could play and my cpu and gpu hit 68 and rarely over 70 gpu, tomorrow 85/90 (the same games). Could this be malware ect? I have run cc cleaner and malware bytes, found a few crappy problems, but noting I can imagine would do this. The PC rums pretty hot idle when it behaves like this.

My fan config seems ok (I do have two other fans but they made absolutely no difference to the temps when testing I took them out, its a small factor build so space is limited if you have a large GPU. The case is a bit fenix prodigy m, one intake from the bottom blowing onto the cpu, intake for the cpu on the left facing into the cpu, exhaust is a 240mm noctua fan Thank you very much in advance. Can I add pictures? I cannot see an option.

PC is cleaned at least once a month.


Look in Reliability History for error codes, warnings, and informational events that precede or correspond with times of high temperatures.

Use Resource Monitor and Task Manager to observe system performance. Use both but only one at a time.

Watch what all is running in the background when temperatures are "normal" and watch for what changes when temperatures peak.

Check the Startup tab in Task Manager to determine what all is being launched at Startup - could be something launched that, in turn, is trying to update, backup, or just phone home. Possibly failing in the process.

Look in Task Scheduler as well. Could be some trigger therein that likewise launches something else and adds load to the system.