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Question Overheating issues - how to fix?


Feb 18, 2014
Here's some of the specs of this machine:
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3
CPU: AMD FX-9370 4.4GHZ
GPU: Radeon RX 56 Vega

So this machine has always had heat issues. I put in optimal fan placement with two fans pulling air in from the front and bottom of the case and two fans blowing out the top and back of the case. My water cooling radiator has a fan on either side of it doing a push/pull of air being sent out the back and top of the case. I also put in a high quality thermal paste between the CPU and water block. All of that and even frequently dusting it out with compressed air to keep it crisp and clean in there and the CPU still runs 80 °C under load. This brand/model of CPU is just notorious for running hot AF.

But that's not exactly my issue. So lately my computer has been suddenly locking and requiring a hard power cycle. It only happens playing games under heavy load. I suspected heat issues so I investigated my fans, make sure it's free of dust everywhere, and using programs like HWiNFO and having it take logs so I can see its last readings before my computer freezes. I also applied fresh thermal paste since it had been a couple years. CPU still not exceeding 80-85 degrees. GPU at a comfy 65. But in my HWiNFO logs I see something called the "Northbridge" pushing 100. Also something called "VR Loop1" and "VR Loop2" hitting up to 104. Even though they are called 1 and 2 they are always the same temp so I think they may just be the same thing. My theory is that "VR Loop1" is probably touching 105 and triggering some kind of performance throttle that just isn't happening correctly, causing my entire machine to lock and requiring a hard reset power cycle.

So my question is - what part of my motherboard is the "northbridge" and what part is the "VR Loop1"/"VR Loop2"? How would I solve temperature issues for those components? I've never had a temperature issue that wasn't the CPU or GPU and easily solved with all the things I've already done.


Here is a link to the manual for that mobo: https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_ga-990fxa-ud3_e.pdf

From that you can identify the parts. The northbridge is the AMD 990FX chip shown on page 7. Not sure about the VRLoops but dig a bit in the manual and you'll probably find them.

It appears a lot of people are putting fans on the northbridge chip. That might be a way to go. Just be sure to keep the airflow through the case good.
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